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My Kosher Jewish Long Term Temp, knowing my love of all things bacon, sent me an article before abandoning me to attend grad school in the Nagev desert.

It made my heart go pit.a.pat -- and I am not usually one for destruction.

So, I have been meaning to post it here for my bacon loving buddies.
I give you gentlemen...

The Bacon Blowtorch.

Full article here -- along with some other fire related stuff....


I really wanna try this, but, why waster perfectly good bacon!

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OK.  I thought I was somewhat up on current fashion trends.
Clearly I missed this one.

I do like the braided looking leather ones in the last photo.
The white footless ones.  Not so much.

Courtesy of the EVER snarky Tom & Lorenzo (formerly Project Run-Gay)

Link below:

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From Donovan  aka bigreddee 

<<< Since the word "fodder" is now imbedded in my brain for some reason, I decided all of your words would start with the letter F. Don't ask why...comply! >>>

Sir. Yes Sir!

Thoughts on my five assigned “F” words behind the cut


Fiction    Freak    Fur    Failure    Freedom


(back here.....)Collapse )

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Wow.  I was cleaning this morning and working in the yard, so when I came in and checked my e-mail, I was surprised to see one about yet another senseless death in celebrity-dom.  I wasn't really expecting it to be Billy Mays though.  I have never been a huge fan of the Oxi-Clean man, but know quite a few bear friends that were.  There will be much wailing and rending of fur I expect in the next week.  What I find funny (funny strange not funny ha-ha) is that earlier this week the TV was on while I was workingon something on the computer, and his reality TV show came on, which I did not know existed.  In it apparently he and another TV front man meet with inventors and try to find the next big thing to shill on TV or direct marketing.  It shocked me the amount of money it takes to bring a product from design to fruition.  What came across however was his genuine warmth and humanity, something that the bombastic commercials and product huckstering have never captured for me.  Sorry for the ramble.  I was thinking the other day I hadn't posted in a while....  Hows this one for a downer.

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While waiting for cantorum  at the BWI airport, I killed some time looking through the Border's bookstore, in hopes of finding something for the trip (aside from the 2 books and two magazines I had packed)

As I wandered down the Biography Aisle I looked up to see this:

Clearly there was an employee with a sense of humor there.  I  had to photograph it for posterity. 
In case you can' t read it, the spine of the book between the two images is for a tome called (I believe) "Nazi Officer's Wife"

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I have been very very quiet on here for far too long.  Other than an occasional comment to various friends' posts, I have just been lurking and seeing what the rest of the world has been up to.  I explained to a very dear friend one day that I felt like I had lost my voice for writing...

Spending the weekend in Toronto with

cantorum</lj> and sitting for photos by the immensely talentedbitterlawngnome</lj>  have at least got my brain thinking again, and wanting to form coherent sentences. 

But. Perhaps not today.  I did, however, notice that I have taken a lot of photos with my nifty cell phone and have done nothing with them.  So I thought I would share them here. 

First up --  We had a heat wave in January that made some of the forsythia on a particularly sunny corner start to bloom.  Of course, the snow storm the next day froze thoze blossoms to white.  Then another thaw began the process again.  I love the stark whiteness of the blooms that have bee leeched of all their color by the cold.

Blowoff in DC a few months ago (January maybe) I love the comic graphic with the blurry men and Rich Morel grooving at the turntable. Good Times
Cherry Blossom season has begun in DC, which means that the hoardes of children on school trips will be arriving. Joy. Rapture. Bliss.  It amazes me how in DC one day it is grey and miserable, and the next day flowers are blooming everywhere.  It is a fast turn to Spring, that is an even faster turn to the hell of summer in DC.  BLEH.

Hope all of you are well.


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Bad Mood. Cranky Bear. Long Day.  Lord have mercy on my co-workers.

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On my leisurely stroll into work this am, I passed the neighborhood 7-11.  It is in an historic building, with copper lettering on the outside formed into the "Seven-Eleven" logo.   About as discrete as a 24 hour convenience store can be.   While walking past today I saw they had decorated for the holidays.  In a big way.  In a BIG mylar foil decoration sort of way. 

I am sure you know the type of holiday decor I mean.  large stars, snowflakes, garlands and what-nots made out of laser or die cut foil... designed to fold flat for shipping and storage.  For those of you still scratching your heads:

         These sorts of things.

I was shocked at how nostalgic the whole look made me feel for my childhood.  We were never a wealthy family, and as such our holiday decorations were never "fabulous" enough to suit me.  I am not sure when I first discovered these items,  but as a child I loved them and hoarded my allowance to buy them to supplement the traditional holiday decor in the house.  I remember stringing the garlands across the ceiling of our entryway where the air from the heating ducts made the  tassels of mylar flutter and shimmer in the sunlight.  I remember hanging stars and snowflakes from the 70's era dome lights in our living room ceiling where they would catch the light, and where my especially tall father would bump his head on them. I remember carefully scotch taping them back together when I stretched them further than they were intended to go.  And I especially remember being proud of how amazing I thought it all looked. 

I never think of myself as sentimental in that way.  I very rarely look back at my childhood.  Not because it was bad, or because I was horribly unhappy, but mostly because there are few things left there that hold my heart.  I was shocked that some dime store pieces of mylar were able to evoke such a strong reaction.

A happy holiday season to you all... be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice or some other special feast. 

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Ed and I had a great 5 day weekend in Iceland last week.  Our friend Bob turned 40 and wanted to return to Reykjavik  for his 40th Birthday.  We had always wanted to see the country, so it was a great excuse to escape from work for a few days.  5 days wasn't quite enough time to see all that I wanted to see, especially since we spent three of those days on buses and jeeps exploring outside of the city of Reykjavik.  But, it left me with a good taste in my mouth, and a desire to return at some point.

--  Beautiful scenery.
-- Lovely city (at least the heart where we were staying)
-- The friendliest/nicest people I have met in Europe

-- The scent of rotten eggs when taking a shower.
-- Far too much seafood on the menu

Bob and Doug were great fun to travel with, and we will certainly explore other parts of the globe in their company.
I am uploading a random assortment of photos for you all...  more behind the cut.  Enjoy

Ed and I at the Blue Lagoon soaking in warm mineral waters. Don't let the sunshine fool you... the air was COLD
More back here... go ahead and click... they are all safe for workCollapse )

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While on the way to the farm to pick pumpkins last weekend, Ed and I got into a discussion (somehow!) about the concept of MILF and conversely DILF. When we started walking around the farm,  he leaned over to me and said
"Would that be a DILF" 

My hubby knows me too well.  There with his extended family was a HOT HOT man in coveralls boiling apples and apple cider down into Apple Butter.  Now.  My granny made apple butter, and I have always been partial to the stuff, so it was only natural I should go over and make conversation.   Much to the amusement of hubby and our friends.

I tried taking some surreptitious pictures of the "process"  but they didn't come out as great as I had hoped.  But, enjoy anyway,


Click-em to embiggen him slightly.... woof

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